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Nimda Remote Banking solutions enables us to detect and catch more fraudulent activities with online authentication, session monitoring, cross-channel transaction monitoring and financial fraud detection capabilities. Our clients can:

Catch fraud in real-time

Process and stop transactions in real-time to prevent fraud attempts while still allowing the customer to execute legitimate transactions, efficiently balancing business fraud risk and customer impact. Recently, an Nimda client detected fraud and blocked money movement, while the fraudster was still in session, preventing fraud losses before the transaction occurred.
Maximize detection rates; reduce false positives

Leverage multi-entity behavioral profiling at the customer and channel level to significantly reduce false positive ratios and provide a high level of early anomaly detection. With detection rates as high as 85% at a 1:12 false positive rate, financial institutions can save millions of dollars a year above and beyond existing authentication and transaction monitoring solutions.
Manage the prevention process – end-to-end

Support the entire fraud prevention process with alerts and workflow management, investigative tools, and oversight and reporting capabilities. Fraud analysts can easily query and explore transaction and activity log data, access information on related fraud events and view detailed profiles of all entities, accounts and individuals involved.
Adapt to meet evolving needs

Ensure high degree of flexibility and respond rapidly to new fraud techniques with Nimda's flexible data architecture, open technology, self-learning abilities and user-friendly configuration tools. Easily adapt fraud strategies to further optimize detection for unique business requirements.